About Future Education Foundation

Future Education Foundation is a Hong Kong-licensed non-profit organization founded by MindWorks Capital in 2019. The founding members are committed to investing in non-conventional educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life of generations to come.

''The world of work is drastically changing due to continuous technological breakthroughs. Tasks that are historically performed by humans are increasingly replaced by machines and algorithms. It is forecasted that globally up to 800 million workers will have their jobs automated by 2030. Hong Kong, which traditionally relies on aging industries, is left vulnerable with few initiatives to combat this epidemic. " said David Chang, Founder of MindWorks Capital and Future Education Foundation.

MindWorks Capital is a global advisory firm established in 2014 that seeks to make investments in the technology sector. As a post-seed stage investor, they have helped their portfolio companies expand operations into 16 countries, creating more than 8000 innovation-related jobs with over 500 jobs in Hong Kong alone.

About Future Education Foundation Scholarship

The Future Education Foundation Scholarship aims to provide bright talents with learning opportunities in programming and data science, with the broader vision of training future talent to address the growing challenges in skilled tech labor shortage for the New Economy.


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Scholarship Program

The Future Education Foundation will select up to 6 candidates who will receive a 50% scholarship (HKD 24,500) to enroll in the Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering/ Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp. Students will experience 16 weeks of rigorous and practical training environment led by Xccelerate's instructors, alongside like-minded peers with the ultimate career goal as a full-stack web developer or data scientist. Upon graduation, the Future Education Foundation will provide exclusive access for scholarship students to apply internships to over 30 partnered leading startups.

Who the program applies for
Everyone has a story, and every story is unique. For this program, as the name entails, we are committed to providing for individuals in their time of need. Some relevant cases would be:
• individuals who have lost their jobs during Covid-19
• recent university graduates who are searching for jobs in the technology sector

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I was from a non-tech background and wanted to transition into the tech field due to my interest in technology and the future of work. I tried to find work in startups but it was difficult as they lack technical persons and are oversupplied with applicants from business and operations side. As such, I took up basic programming language but it was insufficient to equip me with the knowledge to be work-ready. I came across the scholarship provided by the Future Education Foundation and decided to sign up for it - I am so glad I did because now I can understand what tech co-founders are explaining to me about their products and services. I am also able to understand the difficulties in implementing certain features and functionalities and discuss with startups how they can make their tools better.
Victoria L
Future Education Foundation has helped me pursue my passion in the technology sector by providing me a platform to learn Software Engineering with a 100% Scholarship. Now, I am a more confident and technical person to handle any projects with developers. Thank you Future Education Foundation and Mindworks. I am always on standby to help back your organization in any way possible in the future.
Subash Shahi
I applied to the Future Education Foundation Scholarship in other to equip myself with Data Science/Machine learning skillset. I must admit that the 4 months duration spent afforded me the opportunity to get an offline experience to collaborate with fellow students and apply Data Science/ Machine learning solutions to real-world problems.
Louis Adibe

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