5 Perks of Being a Software Engineer

5 Perks of Being a Software Engineer

Software developer jobs are highly sought after by companies from all industries. Here are 5 reasons why people are leaping into this popular career path.

Good pay

According to one of the HR consultants’ 2019 annual report, the starting salary of a junior hire is from HK$25,000/month. For someone starting out a new profession, it is much higher than the average of HK$15,000/ month. Compared to other careers, software engineer can expect 15% to 20% of pay increase on average for job switchers. For individuals with niche and in-demand skill sets, they can even achieve more than 30% of salary increments! The top skills in demand are digital transformation, e-commerce, fintech and artificial intelligence.


Once you have learned the fundamentals, you can find a job anywhere! The skills are fully transferrable because coding is an universal language. You will have the option to change company, job role, even work location as you like. It is even possible to freelance and work for yourself from the comfort of your own home. To develop web products, you will simply need a domain and pay for the hosting fees. Simple as that!

Digital nomad living

Software engineer’s work can be done anywhere. So the dream of remote living can easily come true. Whether it is Thailand’s Chiang Mai or Mexico’s Cancun, consistent access to the internet. In addition, the cost of living in these remote destinations is only a fraction of major cities around the world. You will not only spend less money abroad, but also earn the standard rate from your clients. In recent years, Indonesia’s Bali has been ranked as the most popular destination among digital nomads. That is because of Bali’s high quality of life, great co-working spaces and stable internet speed.

Constant learning

The technology industry is always changing and growing. There may be new challenges presented to you everyday. This is actually a very good learning opportunity. It is a chance to build up experiences as time goes by. The valuable experience will prepare you for future job change or even work for yourself. You will never be bored at the job because someone will often create a new tweak to improve program. So you can always learning something new.

Unleash the creativity

The universal language of coding allows software engineer to create any programs from nothing. A strong sense of imagination and logical thinking are key to success. Any time you set out to write a program, you are creating something new. Just like playing with Lego, you can choose how to build each platform and manipulate each piece. Plus, coding is a social activity. Software engineers often bounce ideas by interacting with other people online or at coding conferences. The only limitation is your imagination.

Where to learn coding in Hong Kong?

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