5 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

5 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

Created in 1995, JavaScript has become the most common programming language that almost all software developers know. JavaScript is the most popular programming language among all developers for the seventh year in a row according to Stack Overflow’s survey.  There are 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript today!

#1 Used everywhere

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

This is absolutely true. From clicking a button to updating a social media post to browsing on a smart TV, JavaScript programming language is definitely used by the developers. This means that once you have learned the fundamentals of JavaScript, it will give you a variety of career options to choose from. Furthermore, beginner developers can apply their skills in other programming languages such as Python and Java.

#2 Easy to get started

JavaScript is the default programming language of the web.

As JavaScript comes installed on every modern web browser, anyone can literally kick start programming in JavaScript this very second without having to install another application and code editors.  Moreover, there are thousands of free online tutorials and well documented frameworks like React to help you along the way.

#3 Versatile

JavaScript is the only web programming language that runs both in the front end and the back end.

Combined with HTML and CSS, JavaScript can create interactive and stunning web sites. Popular websites such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter rely heavily on JavaScript. Conversely, frameworks like node.js which is built on Chrome’s v8 JavaScript engine allows JavaScript to be used on server side and it is compatible with Linus, Mac OS,  and Windows.  

#4 Mobile app development

Going mobile is the key these days.

With the JavaScript programming language knowledge, you can not only write front-end and back-end code but you can also build apps for iOS or Android.  By using frameworks like React Native, you can compile JavaScript code into native applications for mobile devices. Mobile applications such as Instagram, skype, and Bloomberg are all written with JavaScript.

React native - learn javascript programming language with fef foundation

#5 Job Opportunities

As JavaScript is the backbone of the digital era, those people with JavaScript programming language will be transforming and shaping the future. If you’re looking to make a career switch and become a developer, there are tons of opportunities with JavaScript. Since JavaScript developers are in such high demand, those jobs are among the highest paying jobs in the tech world as well.

Where to learn coding in Hong Kong?

As you can see, JavaScript can be the easiest way to kick start your programming career. If you want to start learning, you might consider FEF Foundation scholarship program to enroll in the Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering.

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