Top 5 Reasons to Learn Python

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Python

According to github, Python is the most popular language globally in 2020. Python grew the most in the last 5 years (20.3%) and Java lost the most (-8.5%). So what makes this programming language stand out from the rest? Here are the top five reasons why!

Reason 1: Syntax

In other programming languages, the punctuation and symbols such as brackets, colons, semicolons are used to tell the computer to do a certain command. These symbols might actually overwhelm a lot of people.

However, Python has few syntax and the command words are very easy to read for humans because it resembles daily English language. Here are so examples on how the syntaxes are different on Python and Javascript.

Python vs Java caption Fef Foundation

Reason 2: Versatility

Python can be used in many ways, from web development to data science to artificial intelligence. For people who doesn’t know what their ultimate goal, once they have learned Python, they can explore and see which field they would like to specialize in.

Python not only develops both desktop and web applications, but it can also conduct data analysis and provide big data visualization.

Reason 3: Powerful Tool

Python is currently supported by almost every platform. It could be Windows, Macintosh, and even gaming consoles like Playstations rely on Python. As a result, the same code can be used across different platform without having to rewrite them.

This makes it even easier to make changes to the codes as the development time is not affected. In addition, Python can perform cross language operations with other programming languages such as C/C++ and Java in case you want to integrate them.

Reason 4: Community

The strongly knitted community provides a lot of information for everyone who is coding with Python. When you are experimenting with a new function but somehow ran into a bug which you can’t fix, you can either ask the developers to give you advices or even review your code to debug the issue. Many of the commonly asked Python coding questions can be looked up easily online and the template solution can solve your issue in no time.

Reason 5: Resources

To save time on coding, Python has many open source libraries, frameworks and modules for people to develop their application from.  In Python’s standard library, developers can pick and choose from a wide array of modules to meet the application’s needs. For web application developments, the framework options are Django, Flask, Pyramid and Bottle.

Where to learn Python in Hong Kong?

As you can see, Python can be the easiest way to kick start your programming career. If you want to start learning, you might consider FEF Foundation scholarship program to enroll in the Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering.

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