What is Coding? Your 101 Guide

What is Coding? Your 101 Guide

Did you know that coding is everywhere and runs our world? When you watch a video on YouTube or scroll yours Facebook feed, the magic is happening thanks to coding.

But do you get the real meaning behind coding?

It may sound simple, however when you take a closer look, coding is more complex and require a logic. To get a good comprehension, nothing better to start with the basics.

What is coding?

Coding is a programming language that gives a precise set of instructions to a computer or device. The codes explain exactly what you want your computer to do at any given moment and the computers need to know exactly how to react to things like the clicking of a mouse or the pushing of a button. By communicating with computers, the software can then create mobile applications and various programs.

Where is coding used?

Coding is the process of building software and software runs almost everything, even every website you visit is an application that was built using code. Every single application on your smartphone was built using code. Every video game you play was created with code. Coding exists for all kinds of things ranging from recognizing fingerprints on your phones to swiping your credit card to detecting financial fraud.  Coding runs essentially everything that we interact within our modern-day life.

How coding works in human language?

As a computer doesn’t know what to do in any given situation, it has to be taught everything. Hence, a computer programmer needs to explain everything to a computer. For example, it is like trying to give someone directions on how to drive somewhere when they don’t even know what a car is. First, you would have to not only tell them how to get to where they’re going but you would also have to give them contingency plans for things like what if there’s a traffic jam or what if a truck breaks down and you would even need to explain precisely how the steering wheel or gas pedal works.

Types of programming languages

Since machine code (zeros and ones) is a language which only computer can understand, programming languages are used to define the set of the codes so a human can also understand them. One of the easiest ways to group the programming language is by its usability, front end, and back end. Front end languages are the things that users see when they interact with the computer, such as webpages, games, and software. Back end languages are for the programming that happens behind the scenes such as managing the server to ensure that the webpage works on the computer.

Front End:HTMLCSSJavaScript
Back End:PythonJavaRuby

What’s next?

Today’s article has given the first insights to understand what coding is. Now if you’re wondering where to start learning, you might consider FEF Foundation scholarship program to enroll in the Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering.

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